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英國升學心得- Durham Business and Management N201 | Durham有咩特別?




  • People, management and organisation- psy for business management, how to motivate, take perspectives and approach various of cultures (mainly the first two)

  • Changing world of business- events could impact business or the industry as a whole, we get to learn how to keep up with the latest news and adapt accordingly

  • Strategy in practice- strategise…you get to be put in a simulation with a team, and as time progresses you and your team has to plan ahead and take on various of executive roles to keep the business afloat (in seminars)

  • Accounting for managers- 其實就係BAFS,但係比起DSE就會有多啲analysis

  • Introduction to Business Research- everything you need to know about research papers (for your summatives and references) qualitative and quantitative...

  • Marketing Principles



  • 同老師嘅interaction幾好同埋佢地啲feedback都好有用

  • Student support幾好

  • 有好多non-academic嘅嘢可以畀你去試同玩

  • 排名幾高