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英國升學心得- UCL Biological Sciences: Computational Biology | 讀啲咩?讀4年就可以成為master?

A big thank you to @kristinakordova for writing me this post!!

1. Programme content and structure

The first year of Biological sciences is broad and aims to introduce to all aspects of biology so students can make an informed decision on what they want to specialise in. I was really happy I could specialise in a particular field within biology which meant that I didn’t have to take many of the modules I didn’t find interesting. You can choose from Human Genetics, Genetics, Zoology, Cell Biology and Biodiversity and Conservation. In 2nd year I specialised in Human Genetics and in 3rd I specialised further into Computational Biology, which is only offered as an MSci. Every year you will be allowed to take a module outside of the department, so I recommend you branch out of the traditional curriculum. I chose Interdisciplinary Game Theory as an elective and really enjoyed it!

2. Why choose UCL for this degree?

Chose this degree if you are looking for something very flexible yet want to dive deep into a topic of choice. I came in believing I will be interested only in Genetics but later discovered I would like to do more statistics and computing within biology. I was still able to do it all within the same degree, which was wonderful!

3. Who is suitable for pursuing this degree? UCAS personal statement tips

Because the degree can be tailored so much, I believe truly any kind of biologist (lab, field or computational) can be a great fit. Computational and statistical work is key to all aspects of biology nowadays, so mentioning your understanding of that within the application can show you familiarity the current state of the field.

4. Career paths

Most people would decide to stay in research, however, because you have so much choice people also continue to work in tech, finance or even politics.

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