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英國升學心得- UCL Human Sciences | 人文科學係咪科學?其實讀乜?|出路闊?

又搵到外國嘅朋友同大家分享吓佢讀緊嗰科~今次係UCL嘅Human Sciences🔥

1. About the degree⠀

The BSc Human Sciences at UCL is a course within the Biosciences Division that is highly interdisciplinary. Over three years students are given the chance to chart the path of their course as per their interest. ⠀

➡️The first year students must take some compulsory and basic biological sciences modules such as those in anatomy, genetics, biochemistry and anthropology. Additionally, they are allowed one optional module including a language course. ⠀

➡️In the second year, there are only two compulsory modules including a statistics class and students are offered a range of modules. There are however limits to the number of credits a student can opt for from one department/discipline. ⠀

➡️In the third year, students complete an interdisciplinary 10,000 word dissertation research project alongside modules of the students choice, once against subject to restrictions. Students are given access to all kinds of classes ranging from biological, biomedical, management, law, social sciences to historical and philosophical subjects. This is what makes the degree so interesting. It becomes what you make of it. (Geogaholic按:Students also have the opportunity to study abroad in Year 3 at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.)⠀

2. What is special/ good about UCL Human Sciences? ⠀

Another added bonus is that the cohort is relatively small (around 40-60 students), making Human Scientists a tight knit bunch! ⠀

3. Career paths⠀

A Human Sciences degree can give you career options almost anywhere. Some turn to research and academia, some to the corporate world and many become entrepreneurs. The degree leaves you with such a variety of skills that you can do just about anything.⠀

4. Geogaholic按:Entry requirements⠀

HKDSE: 5 in English Language, 5* in Mathematics (compulsory unit), 3 in Chinese and LS, 5 will be required in 3 electives (最好有讀bio同埋有5*)⠀

IELTS: Overall 7.0, a minimum of 6.5 in each of the subtests⠀


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