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英國升學心得- UCL Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) | 讀啲咩?同其他大學有咩分別?出路?

好開心今次搵到英國嘅朋友分享關於UCL Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) 嘅嘢~ 有興趣過英國到讀engine嘅就要留意啦!以下係佢嘅分享👇🏻⁣

About the degree⁣

As most engineering degrees are, this has been an extremely intense, math intensive course. Some of the modules I did were: Digital Circuits, Analog and Power Electronics, Signals and Systems and Programming. The overseas exchange options are great too - I’ve had friends going to Columbia, ETH Zurich, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong - basically all over the world! You can basically choose between a 3 year and 4 year course (Geogaholic按:如果要exchange一年就要讀4年同埋入international programme,咁你第三年就可以去UCL其中一間partner uni到讀).⁣

What is special about UCL Engineering?⁣

What I liked about UCL Engineering was the ability to choose a minor. I minored in Machine Learning and Neural computing and it was genuinely a great decision. ⁣

The best difference between UCL and other unis is the UCL Integrated Engineering programme (IEP). This gives us a chance to a minor in various fields, namely Criminology, Language, AI, Finance, Maths etc. (Geogaholic按:A minor consists of 3 related modules on the same topic. One is taken in the 2nd year (Minor I) and two are taken in the 3ed year (Minors II and III) ) It’s a good break from the core subjects and similar to a US style education.⁣

Career paths⁣

As far as the prospectus goes, it’s pretty explanatory- I’d say always choose a degree based on the job or company you want to be doing/joining. Electronic & Electrical Engineering is a great course which will open many many fields like photonics, software engineering, data science, data engineering, electronic engineering, hardware engineering etc. The degree helped me intern as a Software Developer, Electronic Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Data Scientist.⁣

Geogaholic按:Entry requirements⁣

HKDSE: 5 in English Language, 5* in Mathematics (compulsory unit), level 5 for the extended algebra & calculus extended element (the calculus & statistics extended component will not be acceptable for this subject), 3 in Chinese and LS, 5 will be required in 3 electives⁣

IELTS: Overall 7.0, a minimum of 6.5 in each of the subtests⁣


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