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DSE Geog Essay 地理例子 | C1: Hualien Earthquake



  • 花蓮(Hualien)位在板塊交界(i.e. along Pacific Ring of Fire), 所以地震比較頻繁(frequent earthquake),而是次發生嘅地震是能量釋放(release of energy in the form of seismic waves when the pressure is greater than the elastic strength of rocks)


  • 點解遠在100多公里外嘅台北都可以明顯感受到搖晃? 唔係應該越遠離震央(epicentre)所感受嘅震動就越細架咩?

  • 主要是台北的盆地效應所致, 當震波傳到台北時,震波聚焦,加上台北高樓多,地震來時搖晃更為明顯。(shock waves were focused when they gathered in the Taipei basin)


  • May result in the collapse of buildings/ the destabilisation of the base of buildings which may lead to their future collapse in future earthquakes

  • The recent rainfalls together with this earthquake in Hualien will increase the incidence of rockfalls (落石) and landslides in the mountain areas. rock and mud flowing along the hill slope may even block the flow of water from the river, inducing the formation of quake lake

  • Affect the transport network (the earthquake affected four trains as reported by local media)

Source: The New York Times

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