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DSE Geog Essay 地理例子 | C3: Nansha Development Zone

Nansha Development Zone/ Nansha New Area

Basic information

  • Found at the central divergence of the PRD

  • One of three pre-existing development zones that came together to form the current Guangdong Free Trade Zone

Advantages to HK:

  • Nansha Development Zone is a financial and commercial development experimental zone, with emphasis on developing the headquarters economy, financial services and commercial services --> HK could be invited to establish regional headquarters --> can promote Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau cooperation in financial services --> achieve liberalization (自由化) of trade in services with HK and Macau --> favourable to HK’s economic growth

  • Facilitate expansion of Hong Kong’s services industries into the Guangdong market --> radiate (=expand) HK’s influence + enhance its competitiveness

  • Measures to facilitate investment by small and medium enterprises from Hong Kong are introduced in the Nansha Development Zone --> those enterprises can tap the Mainland market --> reap more profits


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