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DSE Geog Essay 例子 | C4: Redevelopment Project- Wedding Card Street

Source: SCMP

  • Lee Tung Avenue was formerly known as Lee Tung Street/ Wedding Card Street (囍帖街).

  • It was cleared out in 2007 by the URA for redevelopment.

  • After the project completed in 2015, the redeveloped area comprises two separate sites, with four residential towers atop podiums, and basements that accommodate various facilities, including retail and public open spaces, etc.


  • Improved living environment (substandard living environment --> more open space and greenery)

  • Higher property values --> beneficial to landlord and flat owners


  • Loss of social ties

  • Closure of small shops (especially the small wedding card businesses)

  • More shops selling high-class goods --> higher cost of living

Special feature: green planning

  • Extensive and diverse greenery is used throughout

  • Hybrid energy (solar and wind) lamp poles are installed at the podiums 

  • ==> mitigate heat island effect

Related concepts:

  • Urban renewal strategy (4Rs- Redevelopment, Revitalization, Rehabilitation, pReservation)

  • Impacts of redevelopment (重建) --> sustainability (可持續發展性) of the project

  • Eco-building designs


  • 利東街有一個類似空中花園嘅野,係發展商對灣仔d居民作出嘅所謂補償。果到都幾適合鐘意扮文青嘅你去打卡😆其實果個秘密花園就係利東街 5/F 嘅公眾休憩廣場。點解話係秘密?因為可以到達果到部lift好隱蔽,地下冇任何指示之餘,你會覺得個門口似住宅而唔敢入去lol🙈如果想去嘅話,就o係 Moleskine 對面見到果個門口入去,然後搭lift到 5/F 啦😎

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