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DSE Geog 地理概念 + Essay例子| C4: New Town- A Self-sustained Community?

What makes a self-contained new town?

  • Sufficient job opportunities/ sufficient high-order commercial land use to provide professional jobs --> people don't need to commute to other major urban areas for work

  • Absence of job market mismatch

  • Sufficient provision of infrastructure and community facilities

Examples of new towns that cannot achieve self-containment:

  • Tin Shui Wai

  • Tung Chung

  • *Due to the lack of commercial and industrial land use

  • *Evidence: The inter-regional transport in these two areas cannot be minimised

Related concepts:

  • Self-containment (自給自足) of new towns (~sustainability of new town development in HK)

  • Limitations of new town projects

  • (E3) How the failure of achieving self-containment in new towns contribute to traffic congestion?

Possible questions that can be asked:

  • (DBQ) Evaluate/ discuss whether the new town is a well-planned one (usually needs to support your answer with map evidence)

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