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DSE Geog Essay 地理例子 | E3: Hong Kong-Shenzhen Express Rail Link


  • The HK Section of XRL will connect Hong Kong with the 20,000-km national high-speed rail network, which covers most major Mainland cities --> enhance HK’s connectivity with the Mainland + reinforce Hong Kong as the southern gateway of the Mainland --> boost exchanges + strengthen social and economic ties between HK and major Mainland cities --> foster the development of complementary advantages --> pillar industries of HK, e.g. financial services, trading and professional services, will benefit --> accelerate the economic development in HK + enhance HK’s long-term development potential + avoid the marginalization of HK

  • The HK section of the XRL will link Hong Kong to the Guangzhou South Station at Guangzhou through the Futian Station and the Shenzhen North Station at Shenzhen --> after commissioning of this new intercity rail corridor --> reduce journey time between Guangzhou and HK from currently about 100 minutes to about 50 minutes + materialize the idea of one hour living circle between Hong Kong and the PRD region

  • The location of the West Kowloon Station adjacent to the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) --> create a synergy with this integrated arts and cultural district --> more visitors from the PRD will be attracted to the WKCD’s arts and cultural activities --> higher passenger volume brought by the WKCD will, in turn, enhance the cost-effectiveness of the XRL --> these two projects, with coordination, will complement each other --> beneficial to HK economy

  • More tourists will be attracted to make HK a starting point or destination of their rail journeys --> boost local business + economy

  • High frequency + speed --> 33 daily pairs of long-haul train to 16 major Mainland cities --> a reliable and efficient alternative to short- and medium-haul flights - Provision of jobs opportunities in railway operation and maintenance as well as in retail, catering, station management and services at the West Kowloon Station

  • Extend HK’s reach into the Mainland hinterland --> strengthen HK’s position as a transport hub in the region

Source: The Hong Kong Shopper

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