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DSE Geog 地理概念 + Essay例子 | E3: Electronic Road Pricing

What is ERP? (電子道路收費系統)

  • A traffic management tool to tackle localised road traffic congestion

  • Based on the "user pays" principle (用者自付原則), charges are levied on vehicles using the roads in the charging areas during designated periods 


  • Rationalise traffic flow in targeted areas where severe traffic congestion occurs almost daily

The case in HK:

  • HK first conducted a pilot test on its the ERP system between 1983 and 1985 with positive results. However, public opposition against the move stalled its implementation

  • Central and its adjacent areas are the CBD (中心商務區) of HK but have experienced persistent traffic congestion ⇨ ERP is a suitable solution for those areas because there are different modes of public transport available for travelling to Central and its adjacent areas from all parts of HK

  • The Central-Wan Chai Bypass (中環灣仔繞道), when commissioned, will provide a free-of-charge alternative route for motorists whose origins and destinations are not in Central and its adjacent areas to bypass the charging area


  • Reduced vehicular traffic, particularly during congested periods (peak hours)🕢

  • Reduced travel times⏳

  • Increased public transport use and higher car and taxi occupancy🚕

  • Reduced vehicle emissions and reduced exposure to traffic noise inside the charging zone


  • The environmental conditions of other areas may witness some deterioration due to the overall redistribution of traffic💨

  • Raise social controversy(∵ Capturing images ⇨ possible invasion of privacy)🔓

  • Accuracy of information shown in the captured images needs to be verified by labour-intensive manual checking📸

Related concepts:

  • Solutions to transport problems

  • Effectiveness and feasibility of the solutions

  • Traffic management strategies

Possible questions that can be asked:

  • (DBQ/ Essay) Evaluate/ discuss whether ERP is an effective solution in solving traffic congestion in HK.

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