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DSE Geog Essay 例子 | E3: Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

What is ITS? ITS is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in vehicles and transport networks that move people and goods It enables an entire transportation system to work as effectively and efficiently as possible
What are the benefits of ITS?
1. Enhance safety and security Provides transport operators and authorities with real-time information about work zones, traffic congestion, road conditions and other potential hazards --> improve emergency services’ response times + reduce casualties in the event of an accident or disaster --> enhances road safety
2. Improve efficiency Move people + goods throughout a transportation system more efficiently and economically --> save substantial time + money Delivers fast, accurate and complete travel information  --> help road users decide whether to make a trip, when to start and what modes of transportation to use Helps freight move swiftly and reliably using the right combination of ship, truck, train and plane transportation modes Enables more reliable and timely management of commercial vehicles
3. Increase mobility and access Provides travel opportunities and additional travel choices using alternative modes of transport for more users— wherever they live, work or travel, regardless of age or disability Provides information on scheduled and actual transportation services by all modes --> enables better planning of trips for travellers of all ages, with or without disabilities
4. Improve the environmental quality Helps to optimise trips, eliminate unnecessary travel miles + reduce time spent in traffic congestion --> energy wastage + the pollution resulting from stop-and-go driving are reduced Helps make public transport more reliable, effective + attractive --> increase its usage

DSE Geog Essay 例子 | E3: Intelligent Transport Systems
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